Other Services

At INET we are your full-service IT department.  Beyond our knowledge of
industry-specific equipment and software, we have other expertise that may
help you save money and will certainly take the worry away from managing...

Phone Systems
INET has the expertise to help you implement a new telephone system
that will save you money and increase productivity.  IP-phones with
voicemail, voicemail to email, call accounting, desktop integration,
and automated voice assistance to direct your calls to the right place
are among some of the things INET can bring to you.

INET can implement a video security system that will allow you to
monitor your workplace and employees on digital video and audio.
We can also give you the ability to record data for future use and
we can give you the ability to access video and audio remotely -
even from your smart phone!

INET will find you the best Internet connection speeds for your
budget and we can bring this connectivity wherever you need it.
We can provide wireless access to where you need it, and we can
install and test CAT5, 5e, and 6 data and voice cabling and also
coaxial and fiber optics, all by certified cable installers.