Industry Specific Support

Technology can be very specialized, and your business requires that your IT support organization understands the technology and software that you use.


INET can grant your accounting department peace of mind with our years of experience with various accounting and tax systems, including Intuit's Quickbooks (desktop, networked, and cloud) and Sage.

Dental and Orthodontics

can be your affordable IT department. We have worked with various different imaging equipment, practice management systems (including Patterson's Eaglesoft), and we have accumulated years of experience with assuring HIPAA compliance.


INET's experience working with law offices over the years has made us adept at supporting the specific needs of the industry, including legal practice management systems like Amicus (and Amicus Cloud) and Clio.


INET supports medical practices with only a couple computers up to larger practices with many more computers, over multiple locations. Practice Management, electronic medical records (EMR), and even your diagnostic equipment are all things we can relieve your worry from. We will work with your equipment vendors to help keep your practice running smoothly, and our experience with HIPAA compliance will keep you out of any violation.

Ophthalmology and Optometry

INET has worked with many vision specialists/practices and is very familiar with MD Intellesys EMR systems, OCT, Fundus, and other imaging equipment and systems, and we are adept at helping keep your office HIPAA compliant.

General Offices

Whatever the industry, we can support your specific needs as well as more generic needs such as printers, scanners, card readers/swipes, etc. INET is staffed and ready to be your organization's IT Department.