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At INET we are your full-service IT department. Take the worry out of managing your...


INET is a reseller of Google's G Suite and can provide your organization with secure, industry-standard email without any hardware needs. You can have a personalized, company-branded email system using GMail, along with online collaborative tools in Google Docs (word processing) and Sheets (spreadsheets), or you can use your favorite email client (MS Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.). Access your mail via computer, smart phone, or tablet. In addition, your email is completely backed up so anything you might lose is recoverable. If you are bound by the Freedom of Information Act you may find this service invaluable.

We also are resellers of Office 365 which offers much of the same functionality as G Suite so if you prefer Microsoft we are glad to help with that too!

SPAM Filtering

GMail uses the most powerful SPAM filters in the industry. In addition, we can fine tune this filtering for you by blocking specific mail by sender, keyword, or other content. You will never miss an email that gets incorrectly marked as SPAM and you will never again have to spend more time deleting junk than you do actually reading email.

Managed Backup

INET has partnered with industry leaders in offsite backup so we can assure the integrity of your backed up data. You may never know you are being backed up until the time comes that you need something you've lost - and we'll have it for you. From individual computers to entire networks and servers, GMail and online documents, spreadsheets, and cloud storage - we can safeguard your important information.

Rapid Response Support

INET knows your business relies on your technology. With this in mind, we offer rapid-response support where you can always reach a live person, who often can help resolve problems over the phone or via remote software. Beyond over-the-phone help, we can usually dispatch a technician to your location within a couple hours.

Remote Management and Maintenance

INET likes to fix problems before they manifest. With our remote management and monitoring we will often know of a problem before you do, and can take action to prevent it from affecting your business.

Computer Repair

INET repairs all makes and models of computers. We will diagnose your computer and will help you determine if a repair is worthwhile or if you should look to replace your machine. Whether it's a hardware problem or a software or operating system issue, we can help!

We can also help you find the best Internet solution for your location, we sell and install surveillance cameras and systems, and we install and manage phone systems.